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AuSkills Incorporated is a career solutions company that aims to up-skill individuals to compete in the global market. AuSkills Inc. help candidates to advance in their careers through education, training and migration in Australia. We assess applicants’ formal, non-formal and informal learning and provide workshops and gap training to attain the international standards. AuSkills Inc. believe that internationalization gives individuals a competitive edge in every fast-paced growing industry.


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Study in Australia Career Pathways

Hone your talents and get endless opportunities. Start by studying in Australia!

Acquire Australian Qualifications (RPL)

Get your skills certified by industry experts and secure your future in Australia!

Work in Australia 407 and 457 VISA

Get the best training from Australia’s most renowned chefs and live out your culinary dreams!

Skills Gap Training

Your talent deserves to be nurtured. Upskill your existing skillset or acquire new ones!

Bridging Programs for Nurses

Your talent in healthcare is needed in Australia. Get your skills certified, work and get trained at the best hospitals and health centers!

Migrate to Australia

You deserve a life worth living. Migrate to Australia and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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Applying for a job overseas is no easy work. Apart from the legal documents and other requirements needed

Benefits of The Auskills Internship Program

Benefits of The Auskills Internship

Successful partnerships are built on three important things: trust, communication, and complementary

Acquiring Your Australian Qualifications

Acquiring Your Australian Qualifications

Every job application requires certain standards that need to be met. Often, these standards are in the form of a