Partners for Success

In the professional world, who we associate ourselves with can either make or break a career. None of us would want to be linked to bad institutions, and companies would not want to be associated with dishonest employees. Whether as workers or employers, we all want to be perceived as credible and reliable, and the nature of our associations can sometimes speak volumes about our character.

Being a career solutions company, Auskills places great importance on excellence, integrity, and accountability. Together with our sponsor, Ausphin Ltd., we connect eligible students and professionals to esteemed Australian companies, where they will be able to further their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. To ensure that our trainees are of high quality, we make sure that our companies are connected to partner institutions who are credible and among the leading culinary schools in the Philippines.
Global Academy
Global Academy offers professional and lifestyle courses that are cost-effective yet of high caliber. They put a premium on their students’ growth and excellence by making sure that their chefs are given opportunities to compete internationally in order to further hone their skills. They are committed to their students, and require them exhibit the same amount of dedication when it comes to the culinary arts. Global Academy is also the first culinary school in the Philippines to receive The World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)’ Recognition of Quality Culinary Education, and the 7th among the culinary schools in Asia
Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA)
The Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) adheres to the notion of praxis – which means application of both theory and practice, is a must to be globally competitive in culinary arts. AICA not only provides course offerings for diploma programs, but also for recreational courses as well. Its unique offer on Saturday classes makes it available for culinary enthusiasts to take courses even outside regular work days, implying that time is not a hindrance to enhance one’s craft.
Culinary Institute of CDO
The Culinary Institute of Cagayan De Oro prides itself for being the First Culinary school in Northern Mindanao. Likewise, CIC has been a pioneer for offering an in-depth program in Holistic Nutrition, giving emphasis on the savour mastery and aesthetic appearance of food without compromising its nutritional value. The institute then believes with the acquisition of Knowledge, Skills, and right Attitude as a vital factor in attaining goals.

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