How to Attract the Right Companies: The Auskills Way

Applying for a job overseas is no easy work. Apart from the legal documents and other requirements needed, applying also meant having to compete with thousands of job seekers not just from one’s country, but from people around the world. This thought can, at times, be very intimidating, considering the inequalities that are present between first and third world countries. However, these minor setbacks can always be overcome with just the right kind of help.

Enhancing our professional image goes beyond making attractive resumes and dressing our best at job interviews. With the continuous domination of the internet over our lives, it is important for us to remember that who we are online matters as much as who we are offline. Nowadays, employers also use social media websites as a way of getting to know their job applicants better, allowing them to form opinions on candidates even before the actual interview.
It was under this philosophy why Auskills created the Visume International Portfolio (V.I.P). It is a modern tool used in job applications, to help candidates promote their skills better. The V.I.P works the way garnish works; it highlights the necessary and relevant skills and attributes of a candidate, thus making him/her a more attractive choice. With the V.I.P, our trainees are given another avenue to market themselves better, often through a two-minute video that shows them in their work environment. Because of its audiovisual nature, the V.I.P is able to capture our trainees in their most passionate state, doing and enjoying work that they love and are good at.
For applicants looking into job opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, the V.I.P is also the perfect helping hand in showcasing one’s culinary skills at work. With V.I.P, you are given the chance to exhibit the culinary process behind your very own signature dish, while talking about your own relevant experience, skills, and attributes in the industry.
Beyond these application benefits however, the V.I.P is also a channel for working professionals to build their own, unique brand. More than just an informative video, the V.I.P is a creative profile that extensively communicates more about a job seekers—his work, character, and expertise, which attract the eye of employers.

Are you ready to create your own Visume International Portfolio?

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