Benefits of The Auskills Internship Program

Successful partnerships are built on three important things: trust, communication, and complementary skills. With Auskills’ internship program, we make sure that each and every need of our clients are met with high-quality services that translate into long-lasting collaborations. Our program is designed to be holistic in its approach to the needs of everyone involved: our students, sponsors, and partner institutions.
Auskills’ internship program exposes students to rigorous working environments that will help enhance their occupational skills, as well as cultivate a world-class sense of professionalism. Together with Ausphin Pty. Ltd, we make sure that our students receive structured workplace-based training that lasts up to six months with quality Australian firms. By working with our host companies, our students get to feel and experience the actual world of work in the kitchen, while developing a passion for their work and commitment to the people they serve.

After finishing an internship with Auskills, our students also receive a qualification that is recognized both within and outside Australia. Students who perform excellently in their chosen fields obtain world-class mileage that allows them to be recognized in the culinary and hospitality industry.

The internship program is open to all students currently enrolled in a foreign educational institution who are required to complete a period of practical training, research, or observation to obtain their qualification.
Auskills’ internship program offers host companies and sponsors the opportunity to connect with students from top culinary and hospitality institutions around the world. By partnering with Auskills, we offer students of high caliber and potential recruits who can offer fresh insights on business operations.
In addition to producing highly competent students, our partner institutions also gain international recognition within and outside of Australia. Auskills’ internship program offers institutions a chance to gain credibility and prestige as their students excel, and slowly make a name for themselves and the Philippines on the global culinary scene.

A collaboration with Auskills also promotes our partner institutions to schools that provide high-quality education through world-class working experiences. By partnering with Auskills, we can help boost student literacy in the Philippines, and bolster the country’s labor force.
Lifelong Experience
Auskills’ internship program is designed to promote holistic learning and continuous support towards students aspiring to make it big in the global culinary scene. Together with Auskills, whether as a student, sponsor, or institution, we can help promote a culture that values growth and talent in the culinary industry.

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